Multi-type Full Container Load (FCL)

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Our company specializes in the customs declaration and inspection service of import and export agents in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan and other ports by sea, land and air, and in various supervision warehouses and bonded areas,Provide fumigation certificate and all kinds of certificate of origin agency services, especially the export documents of non-hazardous chemicals.

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Container declaration and inspection

The whole container declaration and inspection service is one of the most important links in international trade, and it is also one of the most error-prone links. In order to ensure the safe arrival of goods at the destination, most enterprises will cooperate with professional international trade agencies, which can not only help enterprises to control all aspects of import and export business in time, but also help enterprises to reduce the communication cost and time between all links.

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Dongguan Zeyuan International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. is a professional company with sea, land and air freight forwarding, customs declaration and import and export agency. According to customers' needs, we can provide customized services, including logistics services-making an appointment to pick up cabinets and trailers to install cabinets in production enterprises, acting as an agent for customs declaration and inspection, customs clearance documents and foreign exchange collection services. Our full container customs declaration and inspection service has many advantages, which can help customers complete customs declaration and inspection more quickly and effectively,strengthen the safety of customers' export trade and reduce customers' worries about customs declaration and inspection.

In Shenzhen Yantian Port, Shekou Port, Fuyong Port, Chiwan Port and Dachanwan Port, in Guangzhou Huangpu Port, Guangzhou Neigang Port, Foshan Port, Nansha Port and Humen Port in Dongguan,we have professional teams that have cooperated for many years to achieve efficient customs clearance speed. The whole process is tracked and handled by our special person.You only need to fill in the List of Imported/Exported Goods or Packing List and Commercial Invoice of Goods in advance,and provide our company with product name, specification, quantity, gross weight, net weight, amount, brand, port, export destination and other information,After mutual confirmation of the data and verification, customs declaration, inspection and other formalities can be arranged.

Our business scope

China to most countries in the world, Japan to most countries in the world, Singaporean to most countries in the world, Malaysian to most countries in the world.
A quotation is determined by the commodity,the volume of the commodity,the mode of transportation,the distance between the starting port and the destination port and other factors.

Please tell us the following

1.What are the export commodities?
2.How much is the cargo?
3.Where is the exit
4.Where is the final destination port

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