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The company has the qualification to transport hazardous chemicals, and the brother company also has its own hazardous chemicals transport fleet, which provides one-stop services such as logistics, customs declaration and documents of hazardous chemicals and non-hazardous chemicals imported from China by customers outside China. Familiar with the packaging requirements of dangerous goods transportation and the booking requirements of major shipping companies for dangerous goods, and can provide customers with services such as customs declaration, fumigation, insurance, box inspection, chemical identification and dangerous package certificate. Can undertake a variety of dangerous goods LCL, FCL, air import and export transportation business.

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Operating process

1. Booking space by order Provide the export consignment note to our company 7-10 days in advance, indicating the Chinese and English name, box type, dangerous goods CLASS, UN NO, dangerous package certificate and special requirements, so as to facilitate the application for shipping space and declaration of dangerous goods.

2. Provide declaration materials, and provide relevant materials for goods declaration four working days in advance:
① Inspection result sheet of dangerous goods packaging performance
②dangerous goods packaging use appraisal results sheet
③ Product description: bilingual.
④export declaration form (A. verification form B. invoice C. packing list D. customs declaration entrustment form E. export declaration form)

3. Packing into the port, because the dangerous goods are loaded directly by the side of the ship, so it is usually packed three days before the ship leaves.
① The owner delivers the goods to the dangerous goods warehouse designated by our company for loading.
② Our company arranges the trailer to be packed in the factory. After the container is packed, it is necessary to put a big danger label around it. If the leaked goods will pollute the ocean, it is also necessary to put a marine pollution label and take photos to collect evidence.

4. Customs declaration, determine the cabinet number, vehicle tonnage, list, prepare a complete customs declaration, export customs declaration, customs review qualified after release. After release, you can get the official customs declaration form and release note.

5. Confirmation of bill of lading: prepare a draft bill of lading according to the power of attorney, packing list and invoice and confirm with the customer to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the bill of lading. After sailing, according to the agreement of both parties, pay the relevant fees. Issue paper bill of lading or electric bill of lading according to customer requirements.

Our business scope

China to most countries in the world, Japan to most countries in the world, Singaporean to most countries in the world, Malaysian to most countries in the world.
A quotation is determined by the commodity,the volume of the commodity,the mode of transportation,the distance between the starting port and the destination port and other factors.

Please tell us the following

1.What are the export commodities?
2.How much is the cargo?
3.Where is the exit
4.Where is the final destination port

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