Delivery can be arranged to your door.
    China to Tokyo, Osaka and other cities by air and sea, and then send a special line for double coustoms clearance.
    With simple procedures, it can provide all formalities for China’s export: receiving goods, booking shipping space, loading containers, exporting, customs declaration, Japanese customs clearance and delivery.



  • Integrated international shipping service

    Integrated international shipping service

    Import and export by sea include whole container and bulk cargo LCL. According to the client’s entrustment, undertake the whole process of FOB, door-to-door and port-to-port agency or handle all the business before and after the arrival of import and export. Assist customers to prepare various documents; Booking space, customs declaration, warehousing, transit, container assembly and unpacking, settlement of freight and miscellaneous fees, customs declaration, inspection, insurance, and related inland transportation services and transportation consulting business.

  • The international express delivery service

    The international express delivery service

    The company is committed to international logistics services, providing tailor-made logistics solutions for enterprises, providing all-round logistics solutions in one place, specializing in international shipping, international air transport, international express delivery, and transportation of dangerous and non-dangerous special products.The company’s brother logistics company has its own fleet, which has been in operation for more than 20 years, with rich experience and high credibility. The two companies have always been adhering to: safer and faster, transparent price and charge, and first-class service quality. From all parts of China to the whole world, especially the import and export business in the Pearl River Delta, the company has rich operating experience and carrying capacity. After years of hard work, the company now has an experienced team of professionals who are proficient in logistics business, with good industry norms and reputation guarantee. With our own strength, our company cooperates with many shipping companies, including COSCO, MSC, OOCL, APL, Wanhai, CMA, Hyundai, Maersk, T.S.L, EVERGREEN, etc. Division I has strong advantages in Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea, Europe, India-Pakistan line, American line and other routes.

  • Dangerous goods non-dangerous goods logistics

    Dangerous goods non-dangerous goods logistics

    The company has the qualification to transport hazardous chemicals, and the brother company also has its own hazardous chemicals transport fleet, which provides one-stop services such as logistics, customs declaration and documents of hazardous chemicals and non-hazardous chemicals imported from China by customers outside China. Familiar with the packaging requirements of dangerous goods transportation and the booking requirements of major shipping companies for dangerous goods, and can provide customers with services such as customs declaration, fumigation, insurance, box inspection, chemical identification and dangerous package certificate. Can undertake a variety of dangerous goods LCL, FCL, air import and export transportation business.