It’s settled! China-Kazakhstan third railway port announced

In July 2022, Kazakhstan's Ambassador to China Shahrat Nureshev said at the 11th World Peace Forum that China and Kazakhstan planned to build a third cross-border railway, and were keeping close communication on related matters, but did not disclose more information.

Finally, at the press conference held on October 29th, Shahrat Nureshev confirmed the third railway port between China and Kazakhstan: the specific location in China is Baktu port in Tacheng, Xinjiang, and Kazakhstan is the border area between Abai and China.

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It is not surprising that the exit port was chosen in Baktu, and it can even be said that it is "widely expected".

Baktu Port has a trade history of more than 200 years, belonging to Tacheng, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, not far from Urumqi.

Ports radiate to 8 states and 10 industrial cities in Russia and Kazakhstan, all of which are emerging cities with emphasis on development in Russia and Kazakhstan. Because of its superior trade conditions, Baktu Port has become an important channel linking China, Russia and Central Asia, and was once known as the "Central Asia Trade Corridor".
In 1992, Tacheng was approved as a further open city along the border, and was given various preferential policies, and Baktu Port ushered in a spring breeze. In 1994, Baktu Port, together with Horgos Port at Alashankou Port, was listed as a "first-class port" for Xinjiang's opening to the outside world, and has since entered a new stage of development.
Since the opening of the China-Europe train, it has enjoyed a world-renowned reputation with Alashankou and Horgos as the main exit ports of the railway. In comparison, Baktu is much more low-key. However, Baktu Port has played a vital role in China-Europe air transport. From January to September this year, there were 22,880 vehicles entering and leaving the Baktu Port, with an import and export cargo volume of 227,600 tons and an import and export value of 1.425 billion US dollars. Two months ago, Baktu Port just opened the cross-border e-commerce business. Up to now, the entry-exit frontier inspection station has cleared and exported 44.513 tons of cross-border e-commerce trade goods, totaling 107 million yuan. This shows the transport potential of Baktu Port.

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On the corresponding Kazakhstan side, Abai was originally from East Kazakhstan and was named after Abai Kunanbaev, a great poet in Kazakhstan. On June 8, 2022, the decree on the establishment of a new state promulgated by Kazakh President Tokayev came into effect. Abai Prefecture, together with Jett Suzhou and Houlle Taozhou, officially appeared in the administrative map of Kazakhstan.

Abai is bordered by Russian and China, and many important trunk lines pass through here. Kazakhstan intends to make Abai a logistics hub.

The transportation between China and Kazakhstan is of great benefit to both sides, and Kazakhstan attaches great importance to it. Before the construction of the third railway between China and Kazakhstan was put forward, Kazakhstan said that it planned to invest 938.1 billion tenge (about 14.6 billion RMB) in 2022 -2025 to broaden the railway lines, in order to greatly improve the customs clearance capacity of Dostec port. The determination of the third railway border port provides Kazakhstan with more space to display and will also bring more economic benefits to it

Post time: Feb-21-2023