Tax Compliance Management in Dalingshan Town, Dongguan City and 1039 Market Procurement Trade Policy Presentation

Under the background of increasingly sophisticated electronic national information management, it is bound to be tax big data. The big data of taxation will inevitably lead to “strict collection and management, careful evaluation and re-inspection” of national taxation. In order to help enterprises better understand the current tax policies, better avoid risks, and make the future development of enterprises less detours, make good use of policies and operate in compliance. At the same time, we should implement the requirements of the state for the high-quality development of foreign trade, and actively make good use of the policies given by the state to Dongguan to develop trade-Dongguan pilot of 1039 market procurement trade. (This policy solves the problem that small and medium-sized enterprises have insufficient export input and difficulties in collecting foreign exchange. At the same time, the tax is subject to “no levy, no refund, and approved levy” to reduce the export cost of enterprises.)

In order to make Dalingshan export enterprises better adapt to the new situation, make good use of new policies, and promote the steady growth of foreign trade volume in Dalingshan Town, Dalingshan Town Economic Development Bureau held a presentation on tax compliance management and design under the background of strict collection and management of big data and 1039 market procurement trade policy on the third floor of Dalingshan Library. Participants include relevant personnel of Dalingshan Town Economic Development Bureau, heads of Dongguan Xinzeyuan Trading Co., Ltd., Guangdong Jindianzi Enterprise Affairs Service Co., Ltd., and bosses or chief financial officers of relevant enterprises in Dalingshan Town.

Huang Ruifang, tax director of Dongguan Xinzeyuan Trading Co., Ltd. and special supervisor of Changping Tax Bureau, introduced “Tax Compliance Management and Design under the Background of Strict Collection and Management of Big Data”

Manager of Dongguan Xinzeyuan Trading Co., Ltd. briefly shared the 1039 market procurement trade policy.

Dalingshan Branch of Dongguan Bank explains the legal and compliant policy services for trade and account settlement.
In addition: Dongguan Xinzeyuan Trading Co., Ltd. belongs to Zeyuan International Freight Forwarder (Dongguan) Co., Ltd.

Post time: May-29-2023