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Our company has an accounting firm, which can provide customers with consulting services on industrial and commercial registration and regular tax treatment in China, and solve problems for customers.

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Industrial and commercial registration process

1. Approved name: After determining the company type, name, registered capital, shareholders and contribution ratio, you can go to the Industrial and Commercial Bureau to submit an application for name verification on site or online.

2. Submission materials: After the name is approved, confirm the address information, senior management information and business scope, and submit the pre-application online. After the online pre-trial is passed, submit the application materials to the Industrial and Commercial Bureau according to the appointment time: the Application for Company Establishment Registration signed by the legal representative of the company; Articles of association signed by all shareholders; Corporate shareholders qualification certificate or identity card of natural person shareholder and its copy; Copies of the employment documents and identity cards of the directors, supervisors and managers; Certificate of designated representative or entrusted agent; Agent's ID card and its copy; Certificate of residence use.

3. Obtain a license: bring the notice of approval of establishment registration and the original ID card of the handler, and obtain the original and duplicate business license from the Industrial and Commercial Bureau.

4. Seal engraving: with the business license, go to the seal engraving point designated by the Public Security Bureau: company official seal, financial seal, contract seal, legal representative seal and invoice seal.

Risk and prevention of tax planning

(1) Strengthen tax policy research and improve risk awareness of tax planning.

(2) Improve the quality of tax planners.

(3) Enterprise management pays full attention.

(4) Keep the planning scheme moderately flexible. In tax planning, it is necessary to adjust the plan according to the actual situation. Only in this way can planning risks be avoided.

(5) Improve the relationship between tax revenue and enterprises, and strengthen the connection between tax revenue and enterprises.

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