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Our company specializes in the customs declaration and inspection service of import and export agents in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan and other ports by sea, land and air, and in various supervision warehouses and bonded areas,Provide fumigation certificate and all kinds of certificate of origin agency services, especially the export documents of non-hazardous chemicals.

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1. The consignor shall provide information: name, telephone number, address, delivery time, commodity name, number of pieces, weight, carton size, name, address and telephone number of the destination port and the consignee at the destination port; Customs declaration materials should be provided: list, contract and invoice; Initiate electronic entrustment for subsequent agent declaration.

2. After initiating the consignment of goods, book the shipping space with the airline (the shipper can also designate the airline), and confirm the flight and related information to the customer. It is also necessary to know whether the goods need to be inspected, and to assist in handling the goods that need to be inspected. Obtain the goods warehousing map, indicating the contact person, telephone number, receiving/delivery address, time, etc., so that the goods can be warehousing in time and accurately.

3. Freight forwarders will make main labels and sub-labels according to the airline's waybill number, and stick them on the goods to facilitate the identification of the port of departure and the port of destination. At the airport cargo terminal, the goods were checked and weighed, and the dimensions of the goods were measured to calculate the volume and weight, stamped with the "security seal" and "receivable seal" and signed for confirmation. The three Arabic numerals on the airline label represent the code number of the carrier, and the last eight digits are the general waybill number. The sub-label should have the sub-waybill number and the three-character code for the arrival of the goods in the city or airport. An airline label is attached to a piece of goods, and a sub-label is attached to the goods with sub-waybills.

4 .The customs broker enters the data into the customs system for pre-examination. After the pre-recording is passed, a formal declaration can be made. Pay attention to the delivery time according to the flight time: the goods documents that need to be declared at noon need to be handed over before XX am at the latest; Goods documents that need to be declared in the afternoon should be handed over before XX at the latest. Otherwise, the speed of customs declaration will be accelerated, and the goods may not enter the scheduled flight, or the terminal will charge overtime fees due to emergency.

5. The airline arranges the loading table according to the size and weight of the goods that have been released by the customs. Airlines will charge freight according to the billing weight, and cargo terminals will also charge ground handling fees according to the billing weight.

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China to most countries in the world, Japan to most countries in the world, Singaporean to most countries in the world, Malaysian to most countries in the world.
A quotation is determined by the commodity,the volume of the commodity,the mode of transportation,the distance between the starting port and the destination port and other factors.

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1.What are the export commodities?
2.How much is the cargo?
3.Where is the exit
4.Where is the final destination port

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