●Business background
The goods transported this time are non-dangerous goods-activated carbon, and the destination country is Japan.
It needs domestic transshipment, spanning several provinces, and then the goods are loaded in Shenzhen. At the same time, the transportation cost is strictly controlled and the operation time is tight.
The trading area operated by the customer is mainly Japanese, and our company is the designated freight forwarder of this customer in China. After fully understanding the needs of customers, our company quickly formulated a special logistics service plan within one day, which was recognized and appreciated by customers.

●Business Difficulties and Solutions
1.Business difficulty
After the activated carbon is simply packaged, it will be delivered by truck across several provinces, with a large geographical span and a long time beyond control. After arriving in Shenzhen, it is necessary to unload the goods first and then load the containers. Usually, the trailer is arranged to be loaded in the factory, but the trans-provincial goods need to be unloaded and loaded in containers, then sent to the dock, declared and shipped.
There should be no mistakes in the whole transportation process, and it is necessary to coordinate all parties to work together to prevent problems before they happen.

1)First of all, we send a special team responsible for the transportation of dangerous goods and chemical non-dangerous goods to assist customers in handling all kinds of chemical non-dangerous goods transportation documents and packaging them. At the same time, ground service personnel are sent to follow up the transportation progress and feedback relevant information in real time.
2)The relevant operation flow is as follows:
Confirm non-hazardous related reports
Export as non-hazardous goods: MSDS, Certification for Safe Transport of Chemical Goods, N.4 test report and non-hazardous letter of guarantee.
Usually, the dangerous goods CLASS, UN number and packing category of the chemical product can be seen in item 14 transportation information of MSDS. According to MSDS provided by the factory, it is confirmed that activated charcoal is non-hazardous.
After confirming that it is not dangerous, it is also necessary to issue a cargo transportation appraisal report issued by an authoritative organization in order to confirm whether it is suitable for sea transportation or air transportation.
In international freight transportation, charcoal products that spontaneously ignite are all charcoal exempted by special regulation 925. Special provision 925: Carbon products can be transported as ordinary goods as long as they pass the test N.4 of the United Nations Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods-Manual of Tests and Standards and show no risk of self-heating. Therefore, the export of activated carbon also needs to be tested by N.4, and the N.4 test report is issued.
The specialized team of our company has handled the Appraisal Report of Maritime Transportation and the N.4 Test Report.

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Booking space
Confirming the information of booking commission: consignee and consignor, port of export and import, product name, UN NO, HS CODE, gross weight, number of pieces, volume pre-allocation date, etc.
 Customs declaration
Ⅰ.After loading, confirm the warehouse receipt and communicate the packing time;
Ⅱ.Submit the original non-hazardous declaration materials to the customs declarant for review, and timely hand them over to the dispatcher to arrange the trailer.
Ⅲ. After issuing the port entry plan, provide the customs declaration materials to the customs broker for customs declaration.
Ⅰ.Do a good job of packing and supporting at the same time;
Ⅱ. Strictly follow the site requirements and work safely;
Ⅲ. For empty boxes, half boxes and full boxes, one photo should be provided for customer's confirmation;
Ⅳ. Assemble the port according to the port entry plan.
Confirmation of Bill of Lading
One-time confirmation is complete, reducing customer communication costs.

●risk avoidance
1. Attention should be paid to the clear tire pattern of the trailer, the car should meet the requirements of non-dangerous goods transportation, and the box should be lifted to ensure that the box is clean and tidy, so as to reduce the risk of cargo pollution.
2. Drivers and escorts need to dress as required to enter the factory. Photos must be confirmed before packing and sealing.
3. Under the condition of strictly controlling the cost, it is necessary to strictly control the process nodes, apply for the storage-free period and the counter-free period in advance, and avoid unnecessary storage fees, parking fees, and container handling fees.

●customer evaluation
Customers are very satisfied with the related goods transportation services provided by our company.
In this cooperation, the business team not only helped customers solve the problems of transportation, customs clearance, loading and unloading, but also effectively controlled the cost

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