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The company is committed to international logistics services, providing tailor-made logistics solutions for enterprises, providing all-round logistics solutions in one place, specializing in international shipping, international air transport, international express delivery, and transportation of dangerous and non-dangerous special products.The company’s brother logistics company has its own fleet, which has been in operation for more than 20 years, with rich experience and high credibility. The two companies have always been adhering to: safer and faster, transparent price and charge, and first-class service quality. From all parts of China to the whole world, especially the import and export business in the Pearl River Delta, the company has rich operating experience and carrying capacity. After years of hard work, the company now has an experienced team of professionals who are proficient in logistics business, with good industry norms and reputation guarantee. With our own strength, our company cooperates with many shipping companies, including COSCO, MSC, OOCL, APL, Wanhai, CMA, Hyundai, Maersk, T.S.L, EVERGREEN, etc. Division I has strong advantages in Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea, Europe, India-Pakistan line, American line and other routes.

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Our company provides you with UPS|DHL|FedEx|EMS and other big brands of international express delivery, which are time-effective, safe, absolutely assured and reasonable in price, aiming to provide you with an excellent international express delivery channel. With the perfect overseas agency network and strong strength, combined with Zeyuan International's long-term experience and rigorous work in import and export customs clearance around the world, as well as our comprehensive logistics services in bonded warehousing, packaging and sorting, distribution and distribution, trade agency and other series.

The consignor shall pack the goods according to the nature of the goods, and fill in the power of attorney, including the details of the consignee (10-digit account number/company name/contact name/telephone number/address/country/zip code), etc. If it is not convenient for you to deliver the goods, you can also inform the freight forwarder in advance to arrange the pick-up service for you. According to the agreement, the consignor and the freight forwarder will settle the related freight charges before the plane takes off or after the foreign consignee signs for it. You can log in to the corresponding courier company, official website, and use the single number to inquire, or your freight forwarder can provide you with the transportation status of the goods. After the goods arrive, they will be delivered to the door address designated by the client as soon as possible, and the consignee will check the goods in person and sign for it.

Our business scope

China to most countries in the world, Japan to most countries in the world, Singaporean to most countries in the world, Malaysian to most countries in the world.
A quotation is determined by the commodity,the volume of the commodity,the mode of transportation,the distance between the starting port and the destination port and other factors.

Please tell us the following

1.What are the export commodities?
2.How much is the cargo?
3.Where is the exit
4.Where is the final destination port

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