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Delivery can be arranged to your door.
China to Tokyo, Osaka and other cities by air and sea, and then send a special line for double coustoms clearance.
With simple procedures, it can provide all formalities for China’s export: receiving goods, booking shipping space, loading containers, exporting, customs declaration, Japanese customs clearance and delivery.



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We provide a variety of transportation channels for you to choose from, such as mainland flights, Hong Kong flights and direct flights from China Southern Airlines.
At the back end of Japan, our company cooperates with OCS, and customers can choose to pick up the goods at the airport or OCS point; If you need to go to the door, we can also arrange delivery for you to choose.
Division I can provide domestic air cargo booking, commodity inspection, trailer, customs declaration and customs clearance materials; After arriving in Japan, cooperate with customs clearance; Whether it is general trade, market procurement or cross-border electricity commerce, our company can collect foreign exchange in compliance before and after Japanese customers receive the goods.
Small pieces: 0.5KG-20KG
Large pieces: 20KG-100KG; More than 100KG
Details such as specific preferential price and arrival time, please contact us in the following way:
TEL:86-13377755581 (RUCY) 86-0769-22655652
For standard price, please refer to OCS China official website: www.ocschina.com.
Reference time limit: Shenzhen or Guangzhou--Tokyo, 2-3 days (subject to the announcement of major airlines)

Ocean shipping

FCL arrives at the port, LCL arrives at the port, and we can provide warehousing and other related services at the back end of Japan: FCL or LCL goods are delivered to our warehouse in Japan first, and we will deliver them to you in batches according to your delivery plan.
Reference time: Shenzhen--Nagoya or Osaka, 4-6 days at the port (subject to the announcement of major shipping companies)

Cargo volume

General goods; Or need to inspect the goods; Non-hazardous chemical productsGeneral goods; Or need to inspect the goods; Non-hazardous chemical products

Japanese port knowledge

Japan direct basic port:
Osaka Kobe Yokohama Nagoya Tokyo Mensi
Note: The definitions of base port are slightly different among major shipping companies, which shall be subject to those provided by the shipping company.
Non basic port:
All ports other than basic ports are called non-base port ports. Non-base port ports generally charge a transshipment surcharge in addition to the basic port charges. When it reaches a certain volume, it will be changed to add a direct surcharge.

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